What's New?


  • Slack integration
  • Stash integration
  • application settings - new & better integrations section
  • application settings - fix for loading commit linking settings
  • API - task statuses in GET project
  • API - fixed 404 status in task/story PUT
  • GitHub - fixed the author URL when using Github Enterprise
  • GitHub - handling different formats for a commit timestamp
  • project metrics - fixed the average velocity for last 3 iterations
  • translations - fixed the Slovenian ISO code and flag
  • translations - new Turkish translation


  • Developer API
  • Beanstalk integration
  • fixed adding tasks on the story form
  • fixed double click problem when deleting tasks
  • project import - fixed error when comment author is not on the team
  • project import - fixed user story numbering
  • project import - fixed iterations identifiers
  • fixed user story delete if it is linked to commits
  • fixed issue where tooltips wouldn't disappear
  • fixed estimated effort multiplied by 10 when using one of the languages: DE, IT, NL
  • (on-site) allow for empty username and password fields in SMTP mail settings - for the case when a mail server does not require any form of authentication



  • GitHub integration
  • allocated time visible on a task/story card in the taskboard
  • fixed national characters in PDFs
  • documentation restyled and reorganized


  • fixed a problem where a story/task form was cleared after adding a comment
  • project import - import story/task id (requires project XML exported from v2.6.8)
  • project import - fix for too long story name, fixed estimation scale issues
  • taskboard - displaying completed and total story points
  • fixed rendering wiki text on a card
  • fixed permission checks for export options
  • fixed 'Unmatched braces in the pattern' in SV translation
  • timesheet - fixed a problem where newly started tasks were sometimes not shown in the timesheet
  • notifications - improved subjects, so multiple notifications for the same user story can be grouped into a single thread in clients like gmail
  • charts - improved displaying long series of data points


  • fixed search problems
  • velocity range in project settings (how many recent iterations use to count moving average velocity)
  • budget in project settings
  • budget status and time spent chart in project overview popup
  • fixed charts when iterations numbered from 0
  • SSL/TLS configuration in mail settings (only on-site version)
  • fixed server URL configuration (only on-site version)


  • acceptance tab in project settings
  • accepting user for user story
  • dashboard - displaying completed user stories waiting to be accepted or rejected
  • taskboard - displaying sum of task points per column (if tasks estimation enabled)
  • taskboard - easier navigation when there are lots of iterations
  • translations - new Dutch translation
  • translations - new Portuguese translation
  • translations - new Ukrainian translation


  • taskboard export to CSV
  • filter tasks on taskboard by team member


  • backlog export to XML
  • backlog export to CSV


  • improved project burnup chart (showing future iterations)


  • fixed burnup chart when iterations are numbered from number grater than 1



  • timesheet (my timesheet, team view, cvs, pdf)
  • translations - new Italian translation
  • translations - new Swedish translation


  • backlog - fixed show/hide old iterations



  • translations - new Finnish (Suomi) translation
  • translations - French translation is back
  • translations - German translation is back
  • translations - Russian translation is back
  • documentation - user guide extended
  • users management - marked current user as 'me', changed delete button for current user
  • users management - automatic logout when user removes his account
  • plans and billing - added TOP plan for 100 users



  • translations - new Slovenian translation
  • translations - Chinese translation is back



  • translations - Polish translation is back
  • translations - Spanish translation is back



  • translations - enabled switching language in user's account settings
  • translations - application for translators (you can now translate tinyPM into your own language)
  • translations - available translations: English and Polish, 25 more in progress
  • project import - project not active after import
  • project import - downloading attachments after project is created (in a background thread)
  • project import - simple data preview
  • project import - sending report email after downloading attachments in background
  • wiki import - downloading attachments in background
  • wiki import - sending report email after downloading attachments in background



  • project import - simple XML structure checks and validation
  • project import - self signed SSL certificates support when saving attachments



  • being a part of a project team does not block from deleting user anymore - removing user from all teams before deleting him



  • login screen - disabled automatic capitalization of username on iPhone/iPad
  • wiki - handling filenames with spaces
  • project import - fixed comment author
  • project import - removed viewers from user mapping
  • project import - removed unique requirement from user mapping validation
  • project import - reloading projects in toolbar after successful import
  • wiki import - listing all pages found in xml
  • wiki import - selected pages imported only
  • wiki import - warning when page is invalid (existing/linking to unknown project)


This version removes BETA plan. PERSONAL plan is now the free offering.


  • importing projects from XML (works also for migration from tinyPM v2.6.4)
  • importing wiki from XML (works also for migration from tinyPM v2.6.4)
  • added plan and billing section allowing to upgrade to higher plans
  • PDF invoices for received payments
  • added remember-me cookie
  • allowing browsers to offer storing user credentials on logon screen
  • automatically hiding success messages after a few seconds
  • improved "My account" view (now using tabs)
  • password change option in "My account"
  • improved "Project settings" view (now using tabs)
  • added wiki attachments
  • embedding attached images in wiki pages
  • attachments - uploading multiple files at once
  • projects can be deactivated


  • fixed sending the same request multiple times when creating a task inline on taskboard
  • cumulative flow diagram shows changes done on the first iteration day
  • wiki - added redirect to the start page when page code is missing
  • avoiding reinitialization of charts when a dialog is opened



  • improved validation and error handling on in-line editors
  • improved overall validation (card colors, iterations, tasks, etc.)


  • fixed scrolling to fields with errors in dialogs
  • fixed redirect to taskboard after updating task if parent user story has been removed from iteration in the meantime
  • fixed redirect to taskboard after removing or moving task
  • fixed "today" marker positioning in FF for portfolio overview
  • fixed wiki links
  • fixed css in taskboard table header so that it isn't droppable



  • added change log information available through "What's New?" menu item


  • fixed adding comments to tasks



  • fixed search index locking



  • estimation scales for stories and tasks are now editable in project settings
  • turning off task estimation
  • cumulative flow chart computed by task quantity if estimation disabled
  • creating tasks with default estimation taken from settings
  • setting active wiki dialect in application settings
  • showing dnd handle on story cards always (not only on hover) to avoid card flickering
  • card color labels are now editable (with defaults provided for each new project)
  • sorting stories by importance now uses id instead of alphabetical order
  • showing only in progress stories in WIP widget on dashboard
  • improved catching dropped stories in table view



  • cumulative flow chart showing all updates after end date
  • newly added stories land at the end of backlog/iteration
  • comment indicators added to stories and tasks


  • small UI fixes


release date: 2012-07-20

This is initial tinyPM 3.0 BETA release available publicly which contains:

  • dashboard with portfolio overview and work in progress overview across all projects
  • backlog with iterations and stories (with DnD support, inline editing, etc.)
  • customizable taskboard (with DnD support and inline tasks editing)
  • wiki supporting 5 dialects (DokuWiki, Confluence, MediaWiki, Trac and Textile)
  • events history tracking
  • e-mail notifications
  • roles and privileges management (with default roles)
  • visitor users (read only role that does not use licensed accounts, which means they access tinyPM for free)
  • improved UI and usability